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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about XB Automotive

Do you pick up and deliver vehicles booked in for service or repairs?

Yes we do. However this service is offered only in our local area. If you need to have your vehicle collected and returned please call.

Can you drop me home once I have dropped off my car for service?

Yes we can and often do for our regular customers, however this service is offered only in our local area. It is always a good idea when you book in to ask if we have someone available at the time.

Can you do gas (LPG) registration checks?

YES! We are also do petrol and diesel safety checks up to 5 tons.

Does your workshop carter for all types of mechanical repairs?

Yes! XB Automotive mechanical workshop is set up in such a way that we are able to complete a full range motor repairs and servicing, we are fully equipped and up to date with the latest equipment.

My air-conditioning is not cold; can you look at that?

Yes we can! We are able to service and repair any air-conditioning problem. Our technicians, tradesman have over 35 years experience in air-conditioning repairs.

Are you able to do service calls to homes and office sites?

Yes we can! XB Automotive and B and J Auto Electrical both offer home a servicing and repairs. Normally our clients pay for the service and parts and a small call-out fee for locals and non-local.

My brakes are squeaking; do you know what the problem could be?

Brake noise can be caused by many different factors: worn out brake pads or issues with disc rotors, among other problems. It is best to arrange an appointment for an accurate diagnosis of your vehicle.

Do you complete log book servicing? My car is still under warranty from the manufacturer.

Yes we do!

Does XB Automotive and B and J Auto Electrical have fixed price servicing policies? I am a pensioner so I need to budget very carefully for my car servicing. So is it possible for you to guarantee that the price is firm?

YES! Always! XB Automotive are professionals so the majority of work is quoted before we make a start, we can, should you desire, supply you with a written quotation before we begin the work.

What types or method of payment do you require?

Our policy is that all account need to be settled on completion of the work, before the vehicle leaves the workshop. XB Automotive accepts EFTPOS and most of the major Credit Cards.

Is all the work, repairs and servicing warranted?

Yes! Absolutely! All XB Automotive servicing and repairs are fully guaranteed.

Does your workshop cater for all types of mechanical repairs?

Yes! XB Automotive mechanical workshop is set up in such a way that we are able to complete a full range motor repairs and servicing, our workshop is fully equipped and up to date with the latest equipment for repairs and servicing.

Does XB Automotive complete all the repair work on site? I was told you concentrate mainly on servicing?

That is not correct! XB Automotive are professionals; while we do strongly promote vehicle servicing that is only a small part of our business. Our workshop and team of motor mechanics are fully equipped to complete all types of mechanical repairs and we only employ fully qualified and highly trained tradesmen.

In the past I have taken my vehicle to mechanical workshops and they placed unsupervised apprentices to work on my vehicle? My vehicle is near new and the current dealer I have been having my vehicle serviced with tells me that it is common practice but the work is checked. I would prefer to have a fully trained motor mechanic that is fully qualified?

Yes! XB Automotive staff are fully qualified Motor mechanics and they would be the only ones that would complete work on any vehicles entering our workshop. However every now and again apprentices are shown how to complete tasks as the work is being completed. We believe that it is important that our young people are trained in the trade.

What time do you open and close?

XB Automotive opens the shutters every weekday morning at around 8.00am. But sometimes should a customer need drop or pick up a vehicle before that, arrangements can sometimes be arranged to assist. We try to close every week day at around 5pm.

Are you open on the weekends - Saturdays and Sundays?

XB Automotive workshop is open Monday to Friday 7.30am until 5pm. Our motor technicians/motor mechanics work a 5 day week days.

Do you open on Public Holidays?

Unfortunately not, but sometimes exceptions to the rule can apply. It is a good idea to check when you next visit or call 02 9684 1206 to double check.

How do you charge or price your work?

Good question! I can see what you are asking, however it depends on the type of work you want done. We at XB Auto’s go out of our way and strive to ensure we keep within all our clients budgets you could be offered a fix price up front, on all work. However once a job has been started we might find other things that need to be sorted. It is always best if possible to bring the vehicle in to the workshop for evaluation.

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